Strategic Networking Power | Key Takeaways from the Inaugural 2024 Lillian Ngala Network Event

Networking isn’t just about superficial connections; it’s about cultivating genuine relationships that can transform our personal and professional lives. The inaugural 2024 Lillian Ngala Network (LNN) Strategic Networking Event brought together thought leaders, industry experts, and aspiring professionals to explore the transformative power of intentional networking. Here’s a closer look at the key insights shared:

Consistent and Intentional Strategic Networking

Consistency and intentionality are the cornerstones of effective networking. It’s not enough to attend occasional events or send sporadic emails; success in networking requires persistent effort and a clear strategy. By consistently showing up, engaging with others, and nurturing relationships over time, we increase our visibility, credibility, and ultimately, our opportunities for growth and advancement.

Hon. Martin Moshisho
Hon. Martin Moshisho, DG of Kajiado County

Our Chief Guest, Hon. Martin Moshisho, Deputy Governor of Kajiado County quipped: “Building meaningful relationships takes time and effort, but the rewards are immeasurable. By making networking a priority and approaching it with purpose, we can unlock new opportunities and expand our sphere of influence.”

Social Capital Through Strategic Networking

Social capital refers to the resources, information, and support that we derive from our relationships and networks. In the context of strategic networking, building social capital involves investing in meaningful connections that offer value and mutual benefit. Whether it’s seeking mentorship, collaborating on projects, or sharing insights and expertise, the strength of our social capital can significantly impact our ability to achieve our goals and navigate challenges effectively.

Dr. Vincent Hongo, CEO of Chiromo Hospital Group quipped: “Investing in our connections and nurturing them over time allows us to leverage social capital to access resources, information, and support that drive personal and professional growth.”

Leveraging Strategic Networking with Purpose and Determination

Networking isn’t just about collecting contacts; it’s about leveraging those connections with purpose and determination. Successful networkers set clear goals, identify key stakeholders, and actively seek out opportunities to collaborate and learn from others. By approaching networking with a mindset of intentionality and determination, we can transform relationships into tangible results, whether it’s landing a new job, securing funding for a project, or expanding our professional horizons.

Insights were shared by Richard Kamau, CEO of Passion Aviation: “Our connections are not just about who we know, but how we leverage those connections with purpose and determination. By setting clear goals and actively seeking out opportunities to collaborate and learn, we can harness the full potential of our networks.”

Quality of Strategic Networking

Ken Osano, Country CEO of GTXN

In networking, quality often outweighs quantity. Building a strong network isn’t just about amassing a large number of contacts; it’s about surrounding ourselves with individuals who share our values, ambitions, and aspirations. By cultivating relationships with supportive mentors, trusted advisors, and like-minded peers, we create a network that not only helps us navigate challenges but also propels us toward our goals and aspirations.

Insights shared by Ken Osano, Country CEO of GTXN: “The quality of our network often matters more than the quantity. By cultivating relationships with people who have our best interests at heart, we can build a network that not only supports us but also helps shape our destiny.”

Embracing Diversity of Perspectives in Strategic Networking

The strength of a network lies in its diversity of perspectives. By connecting with individuals from different industries, backgrounds, and experiences, we expand our horizons, challenge our assumptions, and gain fresh insights that can fuel innovation and creativity. Embracing diversity in our networks not only enriches our personal and professional lives but also opens doors to new opportunities and collaborations that we may not have otherwise considered.

Stay Persistent with Relationships

Mercy Nyamu, Head of HR and Training at ITEC Engineering

As Mercy Nyamu, an HR practitioner who attended the event puts it, networking isn’t just something that you should do as a knee-jerk reaction or when need calls. Rather, focus on establishing a rewarding, long-term relationship with others. Strengthen your bonds and help connect people by making introductions.

The key takeaway from the event? Your network is definitely your net worth. Embrace diversity in your network and share rich insights with those that come your way. The Lillian Ngala Network will proudly stand with you on your journey to a rich, fulfilling, and innovative network.