HR Today Welcomes Lillian Ngala to the Editorial Board

Hello #LNN family. We are proud to announce that our very own Lillian Ngala has achieved a major global milestone. Starting March 2024 Lillian will serve on the Editorial Board of HR Today, a leading HR Publication. As per the HR Today website, the publication aims to be a platform where the brightest minds in HR come together to share knowledge, insights, and foresight that can shape the future of the HR profession.

HR Today
“We aim to offer a unique blend of academic rigor and practical wisdom, addressing the most pressing challenges and opportunities in the HR landscape today.”

Beyond her role on the editorial board, Lillian will also be charged with creating and leading “HR Today” communities across Kenya and Africa. With her knowledge and experience within the broader HR landscape on the continent, Lillian will facilitate forums for HR Today, energized by a rich exchange of ideas, practicum, and insights. Thus, Lillian will be pivotal in shaping and contributing to HR Today’s position as a trusted global HR journal.

Lillian brings to the HR Today board a wealth of experience in the HR industry, including:

  • Significant contributions in policy formulation, talent management, coaching, and culture management in Kenya
  • Currently serves as the HR Director at Diamond Trust Bank for nearly a decade, and holds positions on various boards including the Institute of Human Resources and Kenya Institute of Bankers
  • Founder of Lillian Ngala Network and Lillian Ngala Foundation, dedicated to empowering leaders and supporting social causes
  • Holds an MBA from JKUAT and is certified as a professional trainer by the Institute of Human Resource Management
  • Recognized as a top leader in Kenya and Africa, featured in media outlets, and as a keynote speaker at prominent conferences
  • Advocates for integrity, collaboration, and employee wellness, committed to shaping the future of work.

Lillian Ngala

Let’s give Lillian her flowers and a big round of applause for yet another amazing accomplishment!

From the rest of the LNN family, go forth and conquer more Lillian!!

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Strategic Networking Power | Key Takeaways from the Inaugural 2024 Lillian Ngala Network Event

Networking isn’t just about superficial connections; it’s about cultivating genuine relationships that can transform our personal and professional lives. The inaugural 2024 Lillian Ngala Network (LNN) Strategic Networking Event brought together thought leaders, industry experts, and aspiring professionals to explore the transformative power of intentional networking. Here’s a closer look at the key insights shared:

Consistent and Intentional Strategic Networking

Consistency and intentionality are the cornerstones of effective networking. It’s not enough to attend occasional events or send sporadic emails; success in networking requires persistent effort and a clear strategy. By consistently showing up, engaging with others, and nurturing relationships over time, we increase our visibility, credibility, and ultimately, our opportunities for growth and advancement.

Hon. Martin Moshisho
Hon. Martin Moshisho, DG of Kajiado County

Our Chief Guest, Hon. Martin Moshisho, Deputy Governor of Kajiado County quipped: “Building meaningful relationships takes time and effort, but the rewards are immeasurable. By making networking a priority and approaching it with purpose, we can unlock new opportunities and expand our sphere of influence.”

Social Capital Through Strategic Networking

Social capital refers to the resources, information, and support that we derive from our relationships and networks. In the context of strategic networking, building social capital involves investing in meaningful connections that offer value and mutual benefit. Whether it’s seeking mentorship, collaborating on projects, or sharing insights and expertise, the strength of our social capital can significantly impact our ability to achieve our goals and navigate challenges effectively.

Dr. Vincent Hongo, CEO of Chiromo Hospital Group quipped: “Investing in our connections and nurturing them over time allows us to leverage social capital to access resources, information, and support that drive personal and professional growth.”

Leveraging Strategic Networking with Purpose and Determination

Networking isn’t just about collecting contacts; it’s about leveraging those connections with purpose and determination. Successful networkers set clear goals, identify key stakeholders, and actively seek out opportunities to collaborate and learn from others. By approaching networking with a mindset of intentionality and determination, we can transform relationships into tangible results, whether it’s landing a new job, securing funding for a project, or expanding our professional horizons.

Insights were shared by Richard Kamau, CEO of Passion Aviation: “Our connections are not just about who we know, but how we leverage those connections with purpose and determination. By setting clear goals and actively seeking out opportunities to collaborate and learn, we can harness the full potential of our networks.”

Quality of Strategic Networking

Ken Osano, Country CEO of GTXN

In networking, quality often outweighs quantity. Building a strong network isn’t just about amassing a large number of contacts; it’s about surrounding ourselves with individuals who share our values, ambitions, and aspirations. By cultivating relationships with supportive mentors, trusted advisors, and like-minded peers, we create a network that not only helps us navigate challenges but also propels us toward our goals and aspirations.

Insights shared by Ken Osano, Country CEO of GTXN: “The quality of our network often matters more than the quantity. By cultivating relationships with people who have our best interests at heart, we can build a network that not only supports us but also helps shape our destiny.”

Embracing Diversity of Perspectives in Strategic Networking

The strength of a network lies in its diversity of perspectives. By connecting with individuals from different industries, backgrounds, and experiences, we expand our horizons, challenge our assumptions, and gain fresh insights that can fuel innovation and creativity. Embracing diversity in our networks not only enriches our personal and professional lives but also opens doors to new opportunities and collaborations that we may not have otherwise considered.

Stay Persistent with Relationships

Mercy Nyamu, Head of HR and Training at ITEC Engineering

As Mercy Nyamu, an HR practitioner who attended the event puts it, networking isn’t just something that you should do as a knee-jerk reaction or when need calls. Rather, focus on establishing a rewarding, long-term relationship with others. Strengthen your bonds and help connect people by making introductions.

The key takeaway from the event? Your network is definitely your net worth. Embrace diversity in your network and share rich insights with those that come your way. The Lillian Ngala Network will proudly stand with you on your journey to a rich, fulfilling, and innovative network.






Lillian Ngala Network Presents “Your Network Is Your Net Worth” Serena 2024

Hey folks! Lillian Ngala Network (LNN) is proud to bring you the latest highlights from our inaugural strategic networking event held at the Serena Hotel in Nairobi, on March 06, 2024. The event was graced by the tall and wonderful Hon. Martin Motsisho, Kajiado Deputy Governor, who brought a different kind of energy to the event as you can see below.

You can find special moments and photo-ups below, while you’ll find more insights on our blog.


As you can tell, it was all glee and smiles at our latest meeting – that’s the power of #strategicnetworking!

Strategic networking is a powerful tool that you can use to build your personal and professional life. Keep your eye out for the next #LNN event in a few months. Cheers!



The Glass Ceiling Myth in 2024. Why You Are a Victim of Biased Promotions and Not a Beneficiary

Biased promotions – Have you ever wondered why some people seem to effortlessly climb the corporate ladder, while others feel perpetually stuck? Many dream of leadership, and other positions where they can positively impact organizational outcomes. The reality on the ground hits quite differently, with its maze of unspoken rules and unequal opportunities. Today, we delve into a highly sensitive topic that I have encountered multiple times as an HR expert in the Kenyan job market – biased promotions in the workplace

Favoritism – A Recipe for Resentment

This isn’t just a case of the “glass ceiling” as most might assume. Biased promotions affect and limit the full potential of many highly qualified men and women who are not part of the “in-crowd.”

In some organizations, leaders – or should we call them bosses? – promote those who mirror their own thoughts and appearances. These leaders form exclusive groups based on factors like tribal affiliation or personal friendships. Promotions and hefty salaries are bestowed upon these chosen few, while the rest of the team stagnates in their roles and salaries.

“Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about life-changing impact, developed over time and confirmed by results.” – Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric

Biased leaders aren’t shy about criticizing those who fall outside the favored circle. Their chosen favorites, on the other hand, bask in constant praise, even if it’s undeserved. 

The High Cost of Unfairness

The harsh reality is that this harmful practice doesn’t benefit anyone – not even the favorites! Resentment brews amongst colleagues who are passed over for the promotions they deserve. The “chosen ones” are ostracized, and seen as frauds who received their titles through manipulation rather than merit. They live under the constant fear of exposure, burdened by an unearned position and a gnawing sense of guilt. If you’re among this latter group, the reality is bound to catch up with you sooner rather than later. 

Don’t Be A Victim of Biased Promotions and Unearned Progress 

#Leadership #LillianNgalaNetwork

The favorites themselves often struggle, and that goes without saying. If you lack the requisite skills for the position that you occupy, sooner or later you will be discovered for a fraud. You will start to feel inadequate compared to your hardworking, honest colleagues who were unfairly bypassed. This lack of genuine merit will start to breed a sense of insecurity and indebtedness.

These “fast-tracked” employees become vulnerable to manipulation by the leaders who put them in these positions. They lack the confidence and skills that come from true meritocratic advancement, making them easier to control. 

Breaking Free From the Trap of Biased Promotions 

It might be a case of “not what you get but what you do with it.” If you find yourself being the recipient (or victim) of unmerited favoritism, there’s a way out! Reject the “easy path” with its hidden strings attached. Champion fairness, integrity, and a meritocratic system – even when taking shortcuts is tempting. Remember, true success comes from genuine skill, hard work, and strategic networks, not manipulation.

You have all the potential you need to succeed on the right path. Don’t settle for anything less!

Building a Better Workplace for All

Biased promotions are a symptom of a larger issue: a lack of strong leadership. True leaders value fairness, diversity of thought, and experience. They foster an environment where everyone has a fair shot at advancement based on merit. Organizations that embrace these principles will be more innovative, productive, and successful in the long run. They will also have a better team culture that will attract the best kind of reviews and the right kind of employees, 

Join the Conversation on #LillianNgalaNetwork

At the LillianNgala Network, we’re passionate about creating a more equitable workplace for all. We encourage you to share your experiences and insights in our socials, blogs, and other community forums. Unlock the power of strategic networking in 2024 for you and your team. 

I also take this opportunity to invite you to our next networking event which is also targeted at everyone looking to be a leader or scale the corporate ladder. On March 06, 2024, we will be meeting at the Serena Hotel, Nairobi, from 5.30 – 9.30 P.M., for the next #LNN event dubbed “Your Network is Your Net Worth“. Here, you will meet and interact with leaders, executives, and managers from all walks of life who want to upgrade their leadership skills and networks to the next level.

Let’s work together to build a world where leadership is based on merit and everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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The Power of Strategic Networking in 2024: When Who You Know Becomes Your Most Powerful Asset

Here is a powerful truth that most people only get to learn a little too late: Your Network is Your Net Worth.

But that isn’t just a catchy slogan. Rather, it is a fundamental principle for success in today’s interconnected age. The statistics speak for themselves:

  • LinkedIn, the professional networking powerhouse has over 1 billion users. That’s a staggering 12% of the entire world’s population that has discovered the power of networking.
  • While unconfirmed, it is reported that nearly 54% of jobs in the U.S. are filled through networking or referrals. Nearly 70% of jobs asked for referrals.
  • Referred candidates boast a 2x to 5x higher chance of getting hired, compared to other applicants.
  • Aptitude Research notes that 84% of organizations prefer referred candidates s it can cut down costs and improve the quality of the hire.
  • 50% of candidates surveyed by Aptitude Research said that in-person events gave them an ideal opportunity to network (More on the Lillian Ngala Network later in this text)

There are many other stats that prove strategic networking isn’t just a fancy fad. Building strategic relationships is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity.

But What Exactly Is Strategic Networking?

This goes beyond collecting business cards and attending crowded events. At the Lillian Ngala Network (LNN) we believe it’s about **cultivating meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who can support your growth and aspirations**.

So, how do you know that your network is effective? To answer this question, let’s give an example for context. If you are a graduate of an Ivy League institution like Princeton, Harvard or Yale, you are nearly assured of getting hired even before you receive that glistering piece of parchment called a degree. But, it’s not essentially the degree itself that gets you into the doors of a Fortune 500 company almost instantly, or even the prestige associated with the name. Rather, it’s the powerful alumni network of these schools.

Strategic Networking
#LNnEvents #StrategicNetworking

Quality trumps quantity for any network. A recommendation from a Harvard or Yale alumni instantly screams “effective” and “great hire”. Many professional networks lack diversity and depth, limiting their potential. Even if you didn’t graduate from an Ivy college or worked in a Fortune 500 company, you can still leverage the power of an open network such as #LNN.

What Type of Network Should You Join?

This really depends on your end objective. Let’s use the #LNN model to understand how your network can look like:

  • Strategic Networking hub: This is ideal for anyone looking to give their professional profile a boost. That could be an entry-level person fresh from campus, or a senior manager looking to transition to the C-Suite.
  • Mentorship Network: This is especially tailored towards more youthful professionals – those still in high school or campus. AT LNN, we take it a step further an offer peer-to-peer mentorship, career coaching, and even entrepreneurial mentorship.
  • Centered Leadership Network: Beyond building a professional profile, you might find yourself falling into leadership, either as a passion, or as a natural transition. Leadership networks allow you to connect with other great minds. The aim of leadership network is to help grow your awareness, enhance your emotional intelligence, and even build collaboration. Ultimately, you will be better equipped to lead effectively and inspire those around you.
  • Executive Coaching Network: Your objective in joining a professional network like LNN might be to bridge a skills gap that you have, or even to update your current skillset. Through leveraging the experience of coaches, business leaders, CEOs and professionals at their peak, you too can join the ranks of the greats.

How Can You Strengthen Your Network?

It’s simpler than you might think. That might include creating a LinkedIn account and starting the journey of forging connections. If your job has a professional company network then don’t pass on the opportunity. Contribute to teambuilding events, attend seminars and other niche sessions targeted at your profession or those at your career level and beyond.

Don’t be afraid to cross boundaries and make introductions beyond your network. Connect with individuals from different functions, levels, or geographical locations to expand your influence and strengthen overall connections. Attend once-in-while, high-level events such as the upcoming #LNNEvent at Serena Hotel, Nairobi, on March 6th, from 5.30 – 9.30 P.M. We’ll be drawing in some of the top minds from across the county and country for some amazing discussions and exchange of ideas.

Upcoming Strategic Networking event
#StrategicNetworking #LillianNgala

Remember, your network is an asset to be cultivated, not collected. And the “who’ in your network literally becomes an asset that you can leverage. By fostering meaningful connections with diverse and supportive individuals, you unlock the power to advance your career, gain valuable insights, and make meaningful connections beyond the workplace. See you at Serena Hotel on the evening of March 6th!

Championing Mental Health in 2024 – How Leaders Can Shape Thriving Teams

Mental health might be your number one concern as employee or even a manager. Have you ever worked in an organization, a department or a company where the boss was, for lack of a better term, a jerk? Yes; manipulative, controlling, spiteful, narcissistic, rude, woefully critical…the whole shebang. It must have felt like every time you were walking a tightrope, on jagged rocks or nails. When you got home at the end of the day, you must have used up all your mental and physical energy. And you probably contemplated quitting that job every day you worked under such a bad boss.

Now, the roles are reversed. You are now a manager, a departmental head, a senior executive, or even the head honcho in your organization. Don’t let the lessons of the past escape your memory. In this context, that would be that an exhaustive boss – such as the one we described earlier – can take quite the toll on your mental energy and health.  

In this quick one, we’ll explore the role of bosses as the custodian of their team’s mental health. As an employee, you’ll discern when you’re dealing with such a boss and take the right actions to protect your mind and energy. As a boss, you’ll be able to recognize any of these negative symptoms within you and work to quickly remedy them. 

Leading by Example

Leaders wear many hats in organizations and departmental teams. They are the chief strategists, visionaries, change agents, decisions makers, and facilitators, amongst others. One key overlooked role of leaders is the custodian of their team’s mental well-being

Leaders set the tone for their team, and have the power to create a positive and supportive environment where their team can not only work, but flourish. As a matter of fact, recent studies such as by the Workforce Institute at UKG survey have revealed that managers have an equal impact on mental health as spouses or partners. The same study also highlights the fact that nearly 80% of surveyed employees would prioritize positive mental health at their workplace over a salary increase. This case study alone shows how powerful the influence of leaders is over the well-being of their teams. 

Leaders who embody the aspirations of their teams will naturally be empathetic and predisposed to listening. That means, for you as a leader, your priorities will also naturally align with creating an environment where there is trust, tolerance, respect and goodwill. That translates to a culture of open communication, and where people are not walking around on eggshells. 

Toning Your Leadership Style Through Empathy 

But what if you are a naturally combative, assertive, dominant,  must-be-heard and never-questioned type of leader? What if your experiences have shaped you and you must have plowed through a thousand other bulls to get to where you are? You can’t take no for an answer, are willing to criticize your team members openly, and can’t listen to any other opinion? 

Well, you’re exactly the type of leader that will cause mental health issues for your juniors. And if you find yourself naturally exhibiting some of these traits without malice or ill intent this article is not to judge you. But rather to help you with a quick retooling. 

#WorkplaceMentalHealth #LNN #LillianNgala

Empathy is the key that helps you to unlock your team’s potential. While the pressure to deliver results can easily lead to prioritizing productivity at the expense of employee well-being, empathy offers a nice trade-off. Empathy isn’t about lowering expectations but rather about empowering employees by prioritizing their mental health and well-being. These are the foundations of humans flourishing and peak performance. 

Yes; a good leader has the power to transform lives, even beyond the workplace. 

The Path to Effective and Empathetic Leadership

To navigate this shift towards empathy and effectiveness, there are four key areas that leaders can focus on:

  1. Mindset Shift: Instead of managing people, be an enabler of their success. Move beyond focusing solely on process and performance evaluation. Instead, promote psychological safety through open communication and providing support. That will empower individuals to take risks, learn and grow. 
  2. Culture Change: We already mentioned earlier about some of the outdated models of being a boss, including being unquestionable and all-knowing. Promote a culture of collaboration and open feedback. That will foster teamwork and make folks work for instead of against each other. 
  3. Embracing Agility: Ditch rigid job descriptions and embrace flexibility in work. In the dynamic world that we live in, intrinsic motivation is desired over quick but temporary wins. Lead your employees to discover their passions and values, and nurture their interests and aspirations. That will bring out the best in each of your team members. 
  4. Leading by Example: Move away from command-and-control tactics and embrace the role of coach and motivator. Create optimal conditions for your team’s well-being and performance. Be firm and establish clear goals and expectations. Lead from the front and provide ongoing feedback. 
  5. Prioritize self-care: As the captain of your ship, your team’s mental health starts with your own. Stress and anxiety are infectious, and easily transferable, especially in workplace settings. Take breaks when needed (yes; you need that 30 days off) and encourage your team to do so to prevent burnout. Normalize conversations around mental health and create a safe space for individuals to seek help when needed. 

Building a Supportive Ecosystem

Remember to foster a supportive work environment that encourages open conversations. Be accountable as a leader by actively listening to concerns and ideas. That will get your whole team behind you, and create a culture of trust and respect. Additionally, promote diversity and inclusion, ensuring everyone feels valued and respected for their unique contributions.

One final rallying call for creating a mentally-sound workplace is its ability to untap your team’s strategic network potential. Networking begins with your team, extending its wings outward. When employees feel valued and supported, they are more likely to engage in strategic networking with colleagues. That translates to stronger collaboration, knowledge sharing, and ultimately, improved performance and innovation.

Your Team Is Your Most Valuable Investment 

A healthy, engaged, and motivated team is a force to be reckoned with. This is a team ready to overcome challenges, collaborate strategically, and drive innovation, leading to a thriving and sustainable organization.

By prioritizing your team’s well-being, you are not just making a positive impact on their lives, but also investing in your company’s success. Remember, true leadership goes beyond the bottom line; it’s about uplifting lives, creating an environment where your team can flourish. That will shape a ripple positive effect that stretches beyond the workplace.

At the Lillian Ngala Network, we’re all about bringing out the best in teams. For us, leadership is more than meeting the bottom-line, but more importantly about uplifting lives. That might be through coaching, mentorships, providing a platform for strategic networking, or even corporate HR training. Take your team to the next level by signing up for the #LillianNgalaNetwork through any of the packages that suits you. Let’s make leadership about more than just the bottom line; but about uplifting lives.

Remember to meet us at our next strategic network meeting coming up in the next fortnight, at Serena Hotel, Nairobi. You and your entire team are invited to come and witness in person the power of strategic networking on corporate teams. See you on March 6th, 2024!

Your Network Is your Net Worth

Colleagues Are Your Secret Weapon To Building a Strong Strategic Network for Professional Growth

Forget the corner office and the fancy title. The secret weapon in your professional arsenal isn’t material accomplishments and neither is it your academic profile. Believe it or not, it’s your network of colleagues.

These are the people who walk beside you on your career journey, offering support, knowledge, and motivation. You get to share spaces, resources, and even responsibilities with these folks. But beyond the physical and emotional connections, strategically building relationships with colleagues unlocks a powerful potential for professional growth and development.

Each colleague that you share and connect with brings something unique to the table – a skillset, a fresh perspective, or a connection to a new opportunity. Not only do they help you attain new outcomes at work, but each colleague is a new bond that only strengthens your professional value chain. For those with whom you share common strengths and expertise, it is a case of “iron sharpens iron”. For those that you only share the office space or building with, it is still an opportunity to learn or forge a meaningful friendship or lifelong connection.

#LNN #LNNEvents

Let’s take a quick recap on that train of thought. Colleagues will help you accomplish several things, including:

  • Solving problems collaboratively: Think of colleagues as the peripheral vision that enables you to see blind spots. By drawing on their diverse knowledge and experiences, you get alternative solutions to problems much quicker than on your own.
  • Fueling innovation: Even within the same profession or office, coworkers often possess different perspectives on how to solve problems. In a professional setting, this is a gift, not a curse. Use the opportunity to get a creative spark that can lead to groundbreaking solutions.
  • Staying ahead of the curve: As part of your professional network, colleagues will help keep you updated on industry trends, certifications, and technologies. They may even enlighten you on the right paths to follow in your career trajectory that you may not have considered before.
  • Unlocking hidden opportunities: Colleagues can connect you with valuable resources, recommend you for new positions, or may even be your eyes to previously unseen opportunities.

Strategic Networking with Colleagues Starts By Cultivating Genuine Relationships

No fancy tools or complex strategies are needed here. However, there is a need for genuine concern, respect, and team building between colleagues.

So, what strategies can you adapt to make the most out of your connections with colleagues?

  • Be an active listener: Don’t be a narcissist, you know, always riding the “me” train. Show genuine interest in your coworkers, what they do, their challenges, and aspirations. Bonus points here if you are at a management or senior level and can bring yourself down to those lower on the pecking order.
  • Offer help and support: Be readily available to answer questions, share knowledge, and provide a helping hand. Do this without expecting anything in return.
  • Celebrate achievements: We all know that workplaces are competitive, which builds into the psyche of employees in how they relate with each other. See beyond the competition. Recognize and appreciate successes, both personal and professional, within your coworker network.
  • Be a connector: Be a lifter of persons – share a recommendation, make an introduction, or even take someone under your wing. I have benefited greatly from this myself, so I know the transformative power of fostering connections.
  • Step outside your comfort zone: Take the leap and connect with colleagues from different departments, those with expertise beyond your own, or even those at higher echelons of authority.

Whatever your level in the corporate setting, you have the power to foster a supportive and collaborative work environment. This not only benefits you but also strengthens the collaborative force of your team. That leads to greater success for all.

By creating a supportive and collaborative environment, you foster a network that thrives on mutual respect and knowledge exchange. This benefits you individually and also strengthens the collective force of your team, leading to greater success for all involved.

At the Lillian Ngala Network, we believe that your colleagues are your strongest strategic partners, not just your neighbors in the cubicle farm. We encourage you to invest in building strong relationships by leveraging the power of your network. That will help you unlock the potential for career growth, innovation, and success that wouldn’t be possible alone.

Go further and improve your network by signing up for our next strategic networking meeting to be held on March 6th, 2024, at the Serena Hotel, Nairobi, from 5.30-to-9 PM.

Remember, your colleagues are the strongest part of your network, and Your Network Is your Net Worth. See you soon!

“Your Network is Your Net Worth” Presenting Our Premiere Strategic Networking Event for 2024

Hi there, most valued professionals! Lillian Ngala here. 

Hopefully, your new year has now swung into full gear and you have some or all of the ingredients needed to make this 2024 a well-rounded success.  

But, like many other professionals, you’re probably wondering “How will I unlock my full potential in 2024?” The answer lies not only in individual determination but also in the power of strategic networking.

Two gentlemen and one lady at networking event

At the Lillian Ngala Network (LNN) we understand this predicament all too clearly. Many professionals end up getting stuck in a rut simply because they haven’t found the time to forge meaningful relationships outside of their small circle of friends or colleagues at their workplaces. 

“As a vibrant strategic networking hub, we are all about creating impact through nurturing and propelling the growth of purpose-driven leaders. LNN is guided by integrity, empathy, and responsibility. Here, we are committed to creating a safe networking space for students, entry-level staff, middle-to-senior managers, C-Suite executives, and business leaders.”

Lillian Ngala, the founder of Lillian Ngala Network

Why is 2024 the perfect year to prioritize strategic networking?

Glad you asked! As a professional at any level of your career development, you have every reason to make 2024 the year to grow your network truly. 

  • Unprecedented challenges demand collaboration: With current winds in the economic and geopolitical landscape, the world is navigating more complex challenges. To survive, you will need to have a resounding network that can support you. Besides that, events such as COVID-19 and unprecedented global shocks imply more collaborative solutions and shared wisdom. 
  • Amplify your reach and impact: Opportunities abound outside of the workplace. With a strong network, you can amplify your visibility and connect yourself with diverse perspectives that fuel curiosity and ignite your passion. 
  • Unlock your hidden potential: Seldom do we ever get to see or recognize our own potential, unless a light is shone upon it. Your professional network allows you to see the gem hidden beneath your surface. Again, the collective knowledge and experience within your network can be a treasure trove, offering invaluable insights and solutions to propel your journey.

Unveiling “Your Network is Your Net Worth” 2024 Inaugural Event

On March 6th, 2024, LNN is holding its kick-off event of the year, among a series of other events slated for later. This year’s theme is “Your Network is Your Net worth” patronized by Hon. Martin Moshisho – Deputy Governor Kajiado County and a commensurate HR professional.  

Lillian Ngala and the Rev. Dr. David Oginde at a past LNN networking event
Lillian Ngala and the Rev. Dr. David Oginde at a past LNN networking event

Expect this event to bring together a sizeable number of business leaders and seasoned professionals for impactful one-on-one meetings and roundtable discussions.  We foster a culture of authenticity and mutual respect, ensuring that every interaction leads to valuable connections that go beyond mere business cards.

I hope that you are as excited about this event as I am. Opportunities to interact with great minds that are success-driven are a dime a dozen. Personally, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

If you haven’t joined our esteemed network yet, head on to the LNN website and fill out the sign-up form with your name, phone number, and a few other simple details. 

Finally, feel free to explore our other network offers such as Safe Space for Leaders, Executive Coaching, Mentorship, and HR Clinics. I am positive you will find a package that suits your rank, schedule, and career goals or preferences. 

I can’t wait to meet you on March 06, 2024, at Serena Hotel, Nairobi, and make a new, life-changing connection. Remember, your network is your net worth. Let’s build it together.


Your Network Is Your Net Worth

P.S. Don’t forget to share this newsletter with your colleagues and connections who might benefit from the power of strategic networking!


Lillian Ngala and the LNN Team 

Tel/Whatsapp: 0791 840 071




Networking Is Your Key To Brave Opportunities in 2024

Two gentlemen and one lady at networking event
#LNNEvents #LillianNgalaNetwork

Ready to make 2024 your year of meaningful connections and professional growth? Join me in embracing the power of networking!
Networking is all about cultivating impactful relationships, sharing ideas, and expanding our horizons. But most folks don’t realize the power of networking until it’s too late. Networking is your golden ticket to unlocking doors that no degree or years of experience can open.
In this quick read, we will explore why networking is important for both your professional and personal growth. Let’s dive right into it!

What Is Networking & Why Is It Important?

Networking involves meeting new people who may share a profession, industry, stature, or interests. Over time, connections can be built and relationships nurtured within a network. Networks can take many forms including industry events and seminars, online communities, professional associations, or even mentorship and coaching meets.

For individuals, networking is essential to improve their career growth trajectories, link with potential or future opportunities, and receive mentorship and coaching. For business owners and corporate network members, this practice is essential to:

  • Identify new leads and opportunities,
  • Keep abreast with industry trends and standards, thus improving your product or service,
  • Increase awareness of your business or brand,
  • Build strategy with partners and industry leaders.

As is clear, networking is beneficial to all tiers of work, not just the highest echelons. As a rule of thumb, the sooner you start the better.

Wondering How and Where To Start Networking?

Networking is not just about who you know but also about who knows YOU! There are meaningful connections to be made and opportunities waiting on the table. With a professional networking community like the #LillianNgalaNetwork, you will leverage the full power of networking through strategic meets, mentorships, HR clinics, and executive coaching, amongst other goodies.
At the #LillianNgalaNetwork, we provide a transformative growth engine and help you build meaningful and lasting connections that transcend industries.

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Let’s make 2024 your year of thriving in a network that cares about your success!

Delegate Like A Pro in 2024 & Skip the Micromanagement Bug

2024 is the year to delegate like a pro and unleash your team’s potential. But how do you as a manager or executive leverage the power of delegation and skip the micromanagement routine? By trusting the skills and unique strengths of every member of your team.

Micromanagement suffocates your team, leaving them stuck in second gear. It’s time to focus on results over control and watch how that sparks innovation.

Here is how to break free from the chaos of micromanagement and let empowerment lead the way:

Trust in Your Team’s Capabilities

You need to trust in your team’s ability to deliver. Teams thrive where their skills are tested and their expertise trusted. A lack of trust in your team will manifest in your behavior toward them. That will effectively shape their attitude towards you and their work. on the other hand, trust can be a powerful motivator for your team to give their best.

Acknowledge your team’s skills and expertise, and trust in their capabilities to do the job by themselves.

Set Clear Expectations

Communicate goals, priorities, and timelines upfront. Take the driver’s seat in providing guidelines and setting expectations; but, remember to take input from your people concerning the said tasks. Remember, what is clear to you might not necessarily be so to the rest of your team.

Encourage Open Communication

Trust rides on the back of keeping open and transparent communication. Foster a culture where team members feel comfortable expressing their ideas and concerns while giving open feedback.

Delegate Effectively

Delegation is more than just trying to match a job description. Your team members’ strengths, skills, and aptitudes should determine what tasks you assign to them. Provide necessary resources and support, but avoid unnecessary intervention.

And, avoid assigning tasks to the wrong people, lest you end up with rubbish results.

Focus on Results

Good managers can control processes. Effective managers achieve the desired outcomes. Sometimes this means taking the backseat and being there just to provide guidance and support.

This isn’t to imply that processes aren’t important. However, complex problems might need unconventional solutions sometimes. If a team member comes up with a solution outside of the box, celebrate the results and speak to the process, if internal.

Provide Training and Development

Equip your team with the confidence to handle their jobs correctly and independently. By providing training and development, your people will not only grow professionally but will also be endeared to you for life. Here at the Lilian Ngala Network, we pride ourselves on bringing out the best capabilities of your employees, providing HR clinics, mentorship, coaching, and vertical upscaling of skills.

Lead by Example

Nothing is a better motivator to employees than seeing their manager lead from the front. Don’t just demand excellence from your team, but be sure to demonstrate it all the way. You’re the captain of your ship, the pilot of your plane. The buck starts and falls with you.

Demonstrate trust and accountability, and showcase effective delegation and collaboration in your work. You will lead your party to the top.

Provide Constructive Feedback

Employees take feedback very seriously. Offer constructive feedback that focuses on improvement rather than criticism. This should be specific and clearly outline areas of improvement. If the feedback pertains to performance, let it focus on behavior rather than the person. Recognize and appreciate accomplishments as well.

Monitor and Adjust

Monitoring implies evaluating how well your team does from time to time, through measuring key performance indicators. However, you also need to regularly assess your management approach and adjust as needed.

Wrapping It Up

By implementing these remedies, you can avoid the micromanagement bug and foster a positive and collaborative work environment. The result? Your employees will feel empowered, motivated, and appreciated, and retention will skyrocket.