“Your Network is Your Net Worth” Presenting Our Premiere Strategic Networking Event for 2024

Hi there, most valued professionals! Lillian Ngala here. 

Hopefully, your new year has now swung into full gear and you have some or all of the ingredients needed to make this 2024 a well-rounded success.  

But, like many other professionals, you’re probably wondering “How will I unlock my full potential in 2024?” The answer lies not only in individual determination but also in the power of strategic networking.

Two gentlemen and one lady at networking event

At the Lillian Ngala Network (LNN) we understand this predicament all too clearly. Many professionals end up getting stuck in a rut simply because they haven’t found the time to forge meaningful relationships outside of their small circle of friends or colleagues at their workplaces. 

“As a vibrant strategic networking hub, we are all about creating impact through nurturing and propelling the growth of purpose-driven leaders. LNN is guided by integrity, empathy, and responsibility. Here, we are committed to creating a safe networking space for students, entry-level staff, middle-to-senior managers, C-Suite executives, and business leaders.”

Lillian Ngala, the founder of Lillian Ngala Network

Why is 2024 the perfect year to prioritize strategic networking?

Glad you asked! As a professional at any level of your career development, you have every reason to make 2024 the year to grow your network truly. 

  • Unprecedented challenges demand collaboration: With current winds in the economic and geopolitical landscape, the world is navigating more complex challenges. To survive, you will need to have a resounding network that can support you. Besides that, events such as COVID-19 and unprecedented global shocks imply more collaborative solutions and shared wisdom. 
  • Amplify your reach and impact: Opportunities abound outside of the workplace. With a strong network, you can amplify your visibility and connect yourself with diverse perspectives that fuel curiosity and ignite your passion. 
  • Unlock your hidden potential: Seldom do we ever get to see or recognize our own potential, unless a light is shone upon it. Your professional network allows you to see the gem hidden beneath your surface. Again, the collective knowledge and experience within your network can be a treasure trove, offering invaluable insights and solutions to propel your journey.

Unveiling “Your Network is Your Net Worth” 2024 Inaugural Event

On March 6th, 2024, LNN is holding its kick-off event of the year, among a series of other events slated for later. This year’s theme is “Your Network is Your Net worth” patronized by Hon. Martin Moshisho – Deputy Governor Kajiado County and a commensurate HR professional.  

Lillian Ngala and the Rev. Dr. David Oginde at a past LNN networking event
Lillian Ngala and the Rev. Dr. David Oginde at a past LNN networking event

Expect this event to bring together a sizeable number of business leaders and seasoned professionals for impactful one-on-one meetings and roundtable discussions.  We foster a culture of authenticity and mutual respect, ensuring that every interaction leads to valuable connections that go beyond mere business cards.

I hope that you are as excited about this event as I am. Opportunities to interact with great minds that are success-driven are a dime a dozen. Personally, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

If you haven’t joined our esteemed network yet, head on to the LNN website and fill out the sign-up form with your name, phone number, and a few other simple details. 

Finally, feel free to explore our other network offers such as Safe Space for Leaders, Executive Coaching, Mentorship, and HR Clinics. I am positive you will find a package that suits your rank, schedule, and career goals or preferences. 

I can’t wait to meet you on March 06, 2024, at Serena Hotel, Nairobi, and make a new, life-changing connection. Remember, your network is your net worth. Let’s build it together.


Your Network Is Your Net Worth

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