Why All Great Leaders Need Integrity


“In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.”

– Warren Buffet

Great leaders exemplify integrity through commitment to justice and doing what’s right, regardless of the situation. Without integrity, a leader cannot be trusted nor respected  by those beneath them. 

Integrity, a cornerstone of leadership, also embodies the harmony of consistent actions, values, and principles. This is why it is crucial for every leader whether in business, politics, or corporate space to weigh their integrity. 

Why You Need Integrity As A Leader 

Leaders with integrity exude confidence and reliability. Team members feel more confident when they work under someone who’s always reliable in their ethos and principles. Their teams stand firmly behind them, appreciating the transparency that comes with a leader who lays all the cards on the table. They are sure that what they see is what they get.

How To Gauge If You Have Integrity As a Leader 

Integrity is a key success factor for every impactful business leader. Research has also linked integrity with greater workplace performance, probably due to its motivational effect. 

So, how do you as a leader assess whether you have integrity? 

  • Consistency in your actions and decisions – You adhere to a set of principles and values no matter what the stakes are. People know you as immovable and unwavering in your principles. 
  • You are honest – As a great leader, you will always be truthful and transparent, and communicate openly even when it might be difficult.
  • You have a strong moral compass – It’s now what is on the outside that guides you, but a strong value system that defines who you are. As a leader with integrity you will make decisions based on a strong moral compass and being considerate of the impact on others. 
  • You are accountable – Weak leaders only champion and own success, never failure. In particular, you are a great leader if you can also take accountability for your team through success or failure. You have no problem admitting mistakes and work swiftly to correct them. 
  • You are respectful – As a leader with integrity, you will treat others with respect, dignity, and empathy; you value diversity and inclusivity.
  • You are trustworthy – Trust is built over time; for any great leader, consistent behavior and reliability must be demonstrated.
  • You stand up for what is right – Having the courage to stand up for what is right and speaking out against wrongdoing even in challenging situations is the hallmark of exceptional leaders.
  • You’ve embraced fairness: You treat everyone equally and impartially, and reward on merit. 
  • You are solution-minded: As a leader with integrity, you will be proactively seeking solutions instead of focusing on problems. Thus, you will leave a trail of positive outcomes that will be etched in your legacy. 
  • You are humble: As a leader with integrity, you have learnt how to remain humble and approachable. You acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers and are open to learning from others.

Signing Off!

Integrity is the most valuable attribute of a leader! To gain the respect of your colleagues, juniors, and those around you, embrace integrity including the different facets that make it up. Cultivate integrity, nurture it, and see yourself grow wings to soar!

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